The Magnificent Opportunity Of This Life: Your Evolution And The Mobility Of Love

Q: When physical death comes, what are the actual consequences of how we’ve used the opportunity of this life?

John: Don’t wait for that! The real consequence is that you will have forfeited your real, magnificent opportunity to evolve as awareness.

You’re in this body, you’re born in this body, you’ve come into this body and you have two different sets of form. You have the forms of your own being: these forms are true to everything of what you really are; they’re your perfect real forms. Then you also have the forms of your self. These forms are not like you. They are inherited forms. Part of what makes up that form is what your ancestors didn’t deal with and what this world hasn’t dealt with, and you come in with these forms also. 

What you really are comes in, in between these forms, and you’re able to be either of them. When you’re being true to your own being, you will be just like your own being in the midst of your self that is not like your being, which causes a lot of pain.

If that pain isn’t your focus, then you will just quietly be what you really are in the midst of a self that isn’t at all like you. In that way you evolve, because the only resources that you’ll be using to be in your self are none of the resources of your self but the resources of your own being. 

That puts you, as awareness, into a real stretch. It puts you, as awareness, into your own evolution. As you remain in this, you evolve. That is principally what you were born for: not to have a great life, an easy life, a comfortable life, or a life without difficulty. You’re not born to have a life that serves your self, that isn’t even like you. You were born to come into form where you’re able to be the forms of what you really are, in the midst of the forms of yours that are not like that yet, ensuring your most speedy evolution. 

If you live this life siding with your self – being the forms of your self that are not even like you at the expense of the forms of your own being – you forfeit this entire, unseen opportunity. It’s not that after you’ve died you’ll suffer because of that. It means that after you’ve died, you’ve gone through all of this real, concrete opportunity and that you’ve spent it on nothing. 

Q: What does it feed back when we really use this opportunity and then leave our form?

John: What you are, as awareness, will be much more after you’ve died. On a linear scale, you can also evolve to that extent without coming into a body. But from the linear perspective – to confine it to a linear perspective so it can be talked about – it would take you thousands and thousands of years for you to evolve as awareness without a body because there isn’t the same opportunity. 

When you come into this body, the opportunity is as immense as all of the possibilities for distraction. The distractions are endless. You can have any of them and as much of them as you like, and they’ll all serve the conditioning in your self. 

And it’s possible to come into this body as awareness, in your present evolution, and after your body’s died you are worse off than when you came in because of what you’ve done to what you are. After you’ve died you won’t be punished for that, but the result of it remains, and you’ll continue.

What you are continues. It continues as perfect love. And if you’ve squandered your opportunity in being here in a body, you will have done harm to what you really are. That makes what you really are measurably less. After you’ve died, you will still be perfect love but your mobility won’t be the same. The more that you evolve as awareness, the greater your mobility. 

Nothing bad will happen to you after you die if you live squandering your opportunity. What will happen is you will have seriously forfeited real good.

Q: So we have mobility in this dense form, but this is a different kind of mobility.

John: Your real mobility within this dense form is unseen. You think your real ability in this dense form is all seen. You use what you think and feel and your physical experience to tell you what is real and true, even though when you’re quieted in your heart you know that that’s not really it.

Q: What is mobility of being?

John: I can only give you an idea. I can’t say it as it is. What gives you a real idea of that is the difference between someone who’s completely in their heart, being all they really know but who has a lower level of intelligence, less of a brain. What that one really is, is not at all less than someone of the same beingness, the same residence in the heart, but one has a greater brain. 

The one with the greater brain is love which has more mobility in this world, more capacity in this world, but the one is not more love than the other; it’s just more mobility.

When you evolve as awareness you increase your mobility. You don’t increase your perfect love.

One Touch Of Dearness: The Change Of Your Nervous System

Q: The tenderness and beauty that I know within is so easy to be in when I’m alone, and with some people it is easy. With others it’s much more difficult!

John: That’s where it matters more.

Q: There are a couple of people in my life that are pushing my buttons in a way that I have no control over, and I need your help.

John: The buttons that they push are the buttons that you don’t need.

Q: So what should I do when this particular person says something and this huge wave rises up in me? Do I get up and leave?

John: No. When a button is pushed, that’s your dear cue, your dear signal, to let go of all personal sovereignty everywhere. Any button someone pushes, they can have. As soon as it’s pushed, you give it up.

Q: I understand this in theory but what do I do when I feel hurt or misused? Do I hug them? Do I do anything? Just keep sitting there?

John: Be hugged by a touch of dearness in you while letting go of everything else. You’re no longer hugging your sense of self. You’re abandoned into being hugged by a touch of dearness. It puts you back into balance.

What you’re agreeing with, within that touch of dearness and letting go of everything else of your self, is that even one touch of dearness matters more than all you think, all you feel, all of your emotions and all of your will. It matters more than your whole nervous system, and there you’re being the truth you know, in a self and in a nervous system that isn’t like that yet.

Give it some time and it changes. Change is the way of form. What you’re being in it determines the direction of that change.

You can be the button that’s pushed, and you’ll empower illusion that’s right there, present and in form. Or, in the midst of any and all buttons pushed, you can be one touch of dearness. There, your direction of embodiment has shifted. It’s only a matter of time, and it’s going to show. 

Any button that is pushed tells you what you don’t belong to anymore. 

Consciousness And Your Relationship To Time

Q: What is the relationship between time and consciousness?

John: There are different levels of consciousness. What really matters is what is the deepest level of consciousness that you’ve awakened to, that you’re aware of, that you know within?

The most obvious level of consciousness is a personality consciousness. When you’re being that level of consciousness it isn’t going to be inclusive of anything deeper within. You’ll be confined to what is like a very small bubble of consciousness that’s dependent on the condition of your personality and the functionality of your personality with others.

A deeper level of consciousness is your self, your interior that is independent of everything that is exterior.

A deeper level of consciousness, again, is your heart. As soon as you are in your heart, your heart opens and you are in a heart level of consciousness, a heart consciousness which then fills your self and fills the personality. When you’re being a personality-type consciousness, you’ll be most fixed to time, most dependent on time.

As soon as you open a little deeper to being in your self in a way that is independent of your personality, time slows a little. It shifts. Your relationship to time starts to open, but it’s as soon as you are gentled, quieted, rested in your heart that your whole relationship to time changes.

As soon as you are gentled and quieted in your heart, that’s the beginning of you being free of your relationship to time, which frees you of your self, of your whole sense of self. As soon as you are gentled in your heart you are much less an individual and you are more something of a being. As soon as you are in your heart you are more a quality, such as nurture or softness or openness instead of being the experience of an individual, which comes in your self and introduces you to a whole relationship to time. 

It’s the sense of being an individual that limits you in your relationship to time.

The deeper the level of consciousness that you’re coming from, the more that your whole relationship to time changes.


Sexuality And The Emergence Of The Deep, Within

Q: I’ve felt such a magical connection in these last few days. It’s hard to put into words. I feel wide open. It feels so deep, yet so gently light. There’s electricity in my body and around me. My body’s vibrating and I’m wondering if it’s connected to my sexual energy. It’s so strong. 

John: That means that this isn’t going to come into you and move in you without this emerging in your sexuality and coming through your sexuality.

It has nothing to do with sexuality in your life or in your self. It has everything to do with what is deeper in you than your self subsuming and taking your sexuality, all there in your body, without you bridging that to people and without you connecting it directly to your self.

It’s the deep in you emerging through your sexuality, without that being linked to your sense of self. 

Q: What is the electricity, the vibrating I feel? Where does it come from and what is this?

John: Your being, really activated in your body. Your being, aflow in your body, which for you is inseparable from your sexuality.

As you let the deep in you have your body, your self, your life, your self will be turned right side up, which in your sense of self and in your nervous system will feel upside down, out of control and deeply disorienting to your sense of self. 

As this moves in your body, your being, aflow in your body, is going to make new pathways in your nervous system. It’s going to change your brain, your whole perception of reality. It will bring you into what you came into a body for, what you came into this life for.

Your whole self-life grounded in the world will diminish until it’s unrecognizable. It returns you, through your response, to what you really are. What ends is all of who you think you are. You won’t have a self-image anymore. You’ll have a self all changed.

Q: Can I have this same connection with people of the same deep level?

John: No, because in your patterned way you’ll use it for your self. But as this emerges in your body, emerges in your self, has it all and changes it all, it will relate and move directly into the same in others – so then, yes.

Q: What shall I do with all the energy I have, or should I do nothing? Just be in it, be it?

John: Pour it all into your sexuality, without linking that to your self or your life.

Q: I feel it very strongly now I’m talking with you. 

John: Use none of this for inspiration or motivation. It isn’t for your self. It’s all for deeper levels of you that you haven’t come into yet. But it’s moving.

Q: I don’t know where this movement is taking me, but I want to go there.

John: Until you die, you don’t have anything else: not your life, not your self – just this.

This is the beginning of you being from the inside out instead of from the outside in; the same composite as before, but a completely different chemistry.

Q: Thank you, John.