Transcripts From Location: Vancouver

Pain & Suffering

Delicateness of Being in the Midst of Emptiness

Q: I’ve found some real clarity around how I’ve used my intelligence to create this philosophy of working on my self and growing and healing. I see that there’s goodness in that and I also see how I’ve used it to be less than what I am. I choose to use experiences and relationships to minimize discomfort. I’m seeing emptiness in everything.

John: Emptiness is a wonderful bed for you to lie down in and to enter realization. As awareness, lying down in emptiness has you realizing the presence of all of the collectibles in your heart and realizing that on a heart level you don’t need them…

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Meaning of Life

The Dexterity of Consciousness

Q: I cracked wide open today with a lot of flooding of emotion. I see clearly how self-indulgent it is to waver in that place of being in presence and being invited to go there completely but still playing in the mind and emotions. I consider myself a victim of separation, but really I think it’s just choice, that the play of life is more interesting. I can play the role of being unworthy or living a tragic love story with my self and when there’s a fall from grace, it’s just a confirmation of my humanness, which is pathetic…

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