Real Lovemaking Engages All Your Chakras

Q: Does lovemaking always address the base and the sexual chakra, or are others also addressed?

John: Yes – all of them. For real lovemaking you need all your chakras.

If your crown isn’t opening what are you making love for that has to do with what is way bigger than your self?

Regarding your throat chakra, are you communicating everything that’s inside of you? Even if you’re not communicating in words, you’re moving what’s clear in your self.

Your heart chakra has to open and move.

The power centre of your will isn’t constricting anything, making the slightest attitude in your self: there is just profound willingness, and like a stream you just go.

Being open to your second chakra completely opening and that affecting all of your others will include your base chakra, so your whole sense of security is no longer based on you having control of how your chakras are opening or not opening.

The control that you have in your chakras doesn’t come from your self anymore, so that addresses your base chakra.

All of that connects within your lovemaking.

Q: And making love from what is higher, with the crown chakra open, also affects the brain, somehow?

John: It will rewire your brain. Your brain will awaken.