Sexuality And The Emergence Of The Deep, Within

WHEN: January 4, 2021 Morning Meeting

Q: I’ve felt such a magical connection in these last few days. It’s hard to put into words. I feel wide open. It feels so deep, yet so gently light. There’s electricity in my body and around me. My body’s vibrating and I’m wondering if it’s connected to my sexual energy. It’s so strong. 

John: That means that this isn’t going to come into you and move in you without this emerging in your sexuality and coming through your sexuality.

It has nothing to do with sexuality in your life or in your self. It has everything to do with what is deeper in you than your self subsuming and taking your sexuality, all there in your body, without you bridging that to people and without you connecting it directly to your self.

It’s the deep in you emerging through your sexuality, without that being linked to your sense of self. 

Q: What is the electricity, the vibrating I feel? Where does it come from and what is this?

John: Your being, really activated in your body. Your being, aflow in your body, which for you is inseparable from your sexuality.

As you let the deep in you have your body, your self, your life, your self will be turned right side up, which in your sense of self and in your nervous system will feel upside down, out of control and deeply disorienting to your sense of self. 

As this moves in your body, your being, aflow in your body, is going to make new pathways in your nervous system. It’s going to change your brain, your whole perception of reality. It will bring you into what you came into a body for, what you came into this life for.

Your whole self-life grounded in the world will diminish until it’s unrecognizable. It returns you, through your response, to what you really are. What ends is all of who you think you are. You won’t have a self-image anymore. You’ll have a self all changed.

Q: Can I have this same connection with people of the same deep level?

John: No, because in your patterned way you’ll use it for your self. But as this emerges in your body, emerges in your self, has it all and changes it all, it will relate and move directly into the same in others – so then, yes.

Q: What shall I do with all the energy I have, or should I do nothing? Just be in it, be it?

John: Pour it all into your sexuality, without linking that to your self or your life.

Q: I feel it very strongly now I’m talking with you. 

John: Use none of this for inspiration or motivation. It isn’t for your self. It’s all for deeper levels of you that you haven’t come into yet. But it’s moving.

Q: I don’t know where this movement is taking me, but I want to go there.

John: Until you die, you don’t have anything else: not your life, not your self – just this.

This is the beginning of you being from the inside out instead of from the outside in; the same composite as before, but a completely different chemistry.

Q: Thank you, John.

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