The Marriage Of The Drop And the Ocean

WHEN: October 28, 2017 Evening Open Mic

Q: I feel such openness in every cell of my body. Why am I not falling like a drop into the ocean?

John: Because the drop has investments not in the ocean. The drop has things that matter to it that are not in the ocean.

When as the drop you enter the ocean, everything that was yours as the drop will belong to the ocean. When as the drop you go into the ocean, you and all that’s yours is given into the ocean. 

You have personal concerns about things in your life. You have personal concerns about how your self and your life are configured. Those concerns protect you from entering.

Q: Does that depend on my action, or is it something that happens by itself?

John: When you drop into what you know to enter, when you enter the door, you say “yes” to whatever that may possibly mean later to your self and to anything in your life. Whatever it is that you’ll know as you enter the door, you’ll let take full effect in your self and in your life, whatever that may mean. 

It’s like a marriage. Everything that belongs to you, the drop, is freely given into all the ocean, and everything that is in the ocean is freely given into all of you, the drop. So as soon as you have even a little concern, it makes you wonder if you should marry … if you should marry the ocean. 

As the drop you can keep whatever you like, but then you can’t marry the ocean.

Q: Why is it so scary? 

John: It’s only scary for consideration. When you consider your self it’s scary, but when you’re listening to what you know, all there is is love.

When you are in love, it freely takes you. You have no considerations. All you are is in, and yes, your self and your whole life will change. It will all belong to what you’re in. You’ll use all of it for what you’re in. It’s as big a change to your life as death.

Q: I do feel it is like death. It’s been coming for a while and it scares me so much, even though I know that what is scared is my mind.

John: You are scared inside of your investments, but your investments in your self and in your life are not your love. 

Q: Does it help to have physical distance from all the stories? I feel that my investments are around me all the time. 

John: It would help you a little, but without you being just deeply, quietly, clear and given, you’ll re-create the energy of those investments elsewhere.

Q: I can see that. So it’s just going sweetly inwards.

John: Sweetly in.

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