The Magicalness Of What You Really Are

WHEN: April 22, 2018 Afternoon Meeting

Q: When I’m open, there’s such a deep longing to fully let go of all of my protective layers and walls but I’m not sure how. When I feel my self letting go it’s as if my world is flipped upside down, and my physical body can’t handle it. I close because I feel so out of control.

John: Your mind and your nervous system are, through their conditioning, made of all of the holding. So even though you love the openness, even just a thought of letting go of everything that is closed alarms your mind and your nervous system. In referencing it, you empower it. Instead, know your deepest, most quiet love and, as openness, move in it. 

There isn’t any letting go. There is just you opening even more.  

The openness is your love. You engage a letting go because of your love, but the letting go isn’t your love. The pure openness is your love. Engage that openness, and everything of a holding pattern in your nervous system, in your mind, in your self, dissolves because it no longer has a power supply. All of your power is going to what you really are. 

Being your love empowers your love. How to be in it is by being the same as it is. From within this openness in you, you are free to love. There isn’t anything for you to let go of. There isn’t anything to take apart or dismantle. There is really only your openness, and that openness moves as love. In that, you are free; in anything else you’re not free. 

Let go of what holds your self together, and that letting go will always still be holding something together. It really helps, but it isn’t completely it. The short cut, the immediate, what has in it no process, is you directly shifting into your real core. 

You being that core is the whole of your life, in the midst of all that you’ve called your life. In this way you are being what you are after you have died, while you live. 

What you are – not who you are, but what you are – is from way, way beyond this planet and you are really here. Who you are is something that you have adopted, but what you are is real. There is value in who you are but that value comes only from what you are. 

In being what you are despite who you are, the magicalness of what you really are infuses all of who you are. Who you are becomes seen form of what you are.

That makes what you are in this world, visible.

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