The Key To Your Soul’s Evolution

WHEN: June 5, 2016 Afternoon Meeting

Q: I feel levels of depth in me. My question is: what is your definition of soul?

John: Remove all of your forms, the seen forms of your self, and there is awareness: you. Remove all of the other forms of your self, all of the unseen forms of your being, all of them perfectly reflecting you. With all of your forms removed, there’s just you: you, meaning; you, meaning aware. And you, meaning aware, are in a point of evolution.

Whatever that point is, is so good. With all of your forms removed, it will bring one form back. It’s the most important of all of your seen or unseen forms. It’s the form of yours that perfectly reflects your evolution as awareness. That form is your soul. Now bring all of your other forms back, all of the forms of your being, and then all of your seen forms, those of your self.

Your soul is evenly present within every one of your forms, regardless of their condition. As that form develops because you, meaning aware, are evolving, the tiniest change in your soul affects all of your forms. Because your soul is evenly present within all of your forms, it’s most difficult to see because it isn’t contrasted with anything else. Where you are aware or not aware, there your soul is. 

It’s the most difficult level of yours to see while you’re in a body. After you’ve died, it is the form of yours that shows more than any other form. It’s what is most radiantly visible. 

What directly relates to your soul is your relationship as meaning aware to what you know. It’s only as you’re being what you know that what you are evolves.

It doesn’t matter, from the perspective of your evolution as awareness, what your genetics are. It doesn’t matter at all what body you have, what parents you have, what past you have. It doesn’t matter at all what circumstances you’re in. It doesn’t matter, at all, anything that is done to your forms.

From this perspective, it wouldn’t matter at all what life you are in of the worst imaginable misfortune, ongoingly, and abuse, ongoingly. You can put it to any extreme. What first matters is not that. What first matters is that you, meaning aware, in the midst of all of that, are one with what you know. 

What happens, in that, is you, meaning aware, evolve massively. That would be like your evolution as awareness on quantum super-food. Not that you need it, but your soul would super-evolve. The development of your soul is what you are first in all of your form for.

Q: How is that connected to the dark nights of soul?

John: That is when all light is seemingly stripped from the levels that you’re aware of, and in that time, all that matters is: are you being what you know because of your soul? 

It means that if you deeply, deeply within, in this life, ask for the most, within your interior you are going to come into the worst. It’s what you dearly need for you to realize the depth of what you’ve asked for. 

The dark night, if you remain being what you know, accomplishes within your seen forms what is similar to what a fever does for your body. It cooks out everything you don’t need. If the fever doesn’t kill you, it makes your body better. In any case, without the fever you’ll die. 

The dark night is a terribly deep goodness fever. A lot of stuff will die. You won’t. You don’t need this night to come, but should it come, it’s a kindness. 

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