The Calling And The Awakening Of The Planet

WHEN: February 7, 2017 Afternoon Open Mic

Q: For some time I’ve been getting a sense of the “us” as the form of the one being, and that you’re pivotal in moving “us” into form as the one being. It seems to be opening up more and more. I wondered if you could fill out something about the connectivity of “us” and how it relates to the calling, or what you are coming from?

John: What I’m bringing together through the movement of being, particularly its deeper levels, is the forming of a body of being in so many of us, where a being on the level of form that we’re familiar with in our selves is having a body through which to move in everything that is seen.

As this begins to form in so many, what also comes about in the movement of that is our body of being – our being manifested in us, visibly. A one body of being. In moving as one body of being, in being what we know all in levels deeper than our selves but manifested in our selves, we move each other.

We don’t just move with each other. In you moving what moves you that is of your being, we are moved, and our listening is becoming attuned to that. If anyone moves as a being, we move. It is so beautifully delicate, and increasingly less fragile.

Q: What I know in those experiences of connectivity is that that is the seen level, but there’s much more happening under my radar.

John: Yes.

Q: And this is for this world, in preparation for what the calling is bringing?

John: It isn’t at all for this world. It is all for our humanness.

Q: But it would have an effect on this world?

John: It has effect on our humanness. As that really catches in this world, it will destabilize this world. Our humanness is real. This world, in how it’s configured and what holds it together, is artificial and temporary.

Q: Perhaps I should be using the words “this planet” instead of “this world,” but humanness belongs on this planet. Is that one small form of the calling or is there much, much more?

John: Inasmuch as it opens in our humanness, which is in the heart, the rest of the planet awakens. We are the power-holders. Without the power-holders home, the rest of the planet isn’t going to really open.

Q: I’m knowing the urgency and immediacy, so as we come in closer to that vortex, the responsibility as beings and hearts heightens and intensifies?

John: Until we are cornered, or we might begin to listen to what we know within.

As we come into the vortex and the vortex is our life, as the vortex is being embodied, present, in person, it begins to set the tone in the planet and to that the beingness of the planet responds.

Q: The first embodiment and the responsibility is in the little details of our life coming in the clearest beingness?

John: If you be this in the little things, you will be this in the big things that come along.

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