Tender Openness: Your Real Strength And Power

WHEN: March 31, 2004 Evening Meeting

Q: I’m struck by the immense emotions I have felt in just making eye-contact with you. Your teachings about honesty are what I’m looking for: not only to be honest but to speak, act and live my life in honesty. I had a dream that told me to reach out for help in finding answers. My problem is that I don’t know the questions, and it’s frustrating.

John: Then don’t reach with your right hand. Reach with your left hand. Let your right hand support that. That takes you out of what you think is you and enables, a little bit, what is really you.

Q: I don’t fully understand what you mean. Do you mean to search or look in a different way?

John: To look in a different way.

Q: That takes a whole other level of awareness.

John: Hold the microphone with your left hand. 

Q: That’s pretty clear!

John: When you let yourself be delicately comfortable in that, you are seeing differently. What you are then is tender openness. Then you are not relating to your strength. You are relating more to what is delicate. That gives you a different heart.

Q: Which is what I want, to allow my heart to open.

John: And when you think with that, that will give you a different mind. You are so accustomed to relating to your strength. That makes what you are looking for very easy to find because it’s not in your strength. It is in your manner within your strength. 

Gentled power isn’t less powerful; it’s more sensitive. Love taking care of what’s delicate and you’ll realize what your strength is for. 

Q: Thank you. That will be a goal in itself for some time.

John: You have integrated your power when what is most profoundly delicate within you is your strength, instead of your strength being your strength.

Love that goodness can lead you by your thumb. Its hand is much smaller than yours. This goodness is not only within you, but it always moves to hold your hand. Because it is within you, it reaches to you. It will be the thumb of your hand that it first holds. It is also your thumb that represents the power in your hand. It’s stronger than your fingers. 

When goodness, within, can lead you by your thumb, then you are being sensitive to what is delicate, within, without losing your power. Then you are power letting itself relate to what’s delicate. When you let such tender goodness, within, lead you by your thumb, that will move your whole being. That is you recovering what you left behind when you were very little. 

Q: I’ve been searching for that. I remember it and I want to go back there.

John: You can’t go back there. You can let what you know that is have what you are now. Then what that is is able to lead you by your thumb.

Its hand, so to speak, is not too little to hold your thumb.


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