Responding To The Calling: The Promise Of A Different World

WHEN: February 21, 2015 Afternoon Meeting

“The calling: the unfamiliar, inexplicable truth we know. John describes the subtle ways it begins to have expression in our lives, completely changing our trajectory.” – JdR Gems Editor

Q: My question is about the expression of the calling. How is it different from other expressions?

John: The calling is of a deeper level than any of your other levels. For the calling to come into expression, the level of the calling needs to open within your levels of expression, which changes your expression. The levels of your expression open and reveal the calling in you. 

It doesn’t reveal its information in the expression. It reveals its level, the level of the calling, in your expression. Your eyes change. Your eyes will reveal that you know something that is beyond your self and beyond this world, beyond your life. Your eyes would reveal that you know and you’ve seen. 

As the calling begins to show in your expression so that the calling begins to have expression, it will make your self uncomfortable because what is beyond your self has presence in your self. That presence is a profound interruption to your self. It brings into the movement of your self what is beyond your self. In your self you won’t be understanding what is affecting your self, intimately, of the calling, and that will also show. It shows in your eyes and it shows in your face. 

As that presence becomes manifest in your eyes and your face, it will make others uncomfortable because they’ll see something that they know and that is beyond your self and theirs. It creates a disturbance, a disturbance that isn’t for you to remedy, a disturbance that you let have presence. You’re not there to help it or to fix it, but that presence is, within you, dearly welcome to disturb. 

The more that it moves, the more that it disturbs because it introduces the context of reality within a self that can’t comprehend that, even though you know the truth of it. 

You begin to have presence, within, that shows, that is inexplicable. You’re unable to quantify it or to qualify it. It just simply has way. It has way by virtue of its own presence. When the calling moves, it gently disturbs reality because it’s making room within reality for that which reality comes from. 

The presence of the calling is a presence that is deeply foreign, yet deeply known by you as being true. It is because of your knowledge, your direct knowledge of the truth of it, of the truth of the calling, that you let it have any amount of space anywhere in you. 

Everything that the calling touches in you, it opens in a foreign manner. A foreignness opens you because of what you know the truth of that’s in it. It interrupts your ways. It interrupts the ways of your interior. Its way in your interior is foreign; foreign but known by you. You know the truth of it. The more that it moves in your interior, the more that it undoes your self. It remakes your self. 

Q: How is it different from other expressions?

John: Other expressions are by nature familiar. The expression of the calling in you is foreign. It’s beyond all familiarity. It accomplishes a complete inner alignment that isn’t based on familiarity. It’s based on your response to direct knowledge; you directly knowing the truth of it. 

As the calling moves in you and as you are in response to it, it recontextualizes your whole interior. That alters the reality of your interior. It opens what you are to the much more of you that you didn’t know before. The trajectory of your whole life is a trajectory that is foreign to anything that you’re familiar with in your life. It makes you no longer belong to anything that you can see. 

For the calling to have way in you, fundamentally altering you and changing you, free to have expression within anything that is yours because it is then landed in form, is the beginning of a fundamental shift in this world. It is the promise that this whole world, in time, will be all different. 

Q: It looks like it’s gently doing that in a world that is not like that.

John: It moves by presence and not by power. There is no use of power that can stop it. 

Every resistance and every response feeds it. It’s how the truth moves. If you respond to it, you connect with it. If you resist it, you connect to it. 

Q: If you react to it, its expression will be distorted?

John: If you react to it, you stop its expression in you. That doesn’t stop its presence in you.

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