Receiving And Living the Gift Of Cancer

WHEN: November 30, 2012 Afternoon Meeting

Q: About two years ago I found I had cancer. The first night was so difficult, a shock. Towards the morning I was in an emotional upheaval, and then I touched a very deep space of being. I found peace I had never known before, and knew the way to heal my self. I knew everything was okay. I was quiet, at peace and there was this inner joy.

John: You received the gift.

Q: Yes, this is exactly how I felt: it was a gift, and from the voice I heard inside of my heart I chose to heal my self in a natural way. I went through a deep fear of death and met the same being, the same peace, the same loving presence I cannot describe in words.

John: Living the gift is worth more than living. 

Q: Today I can receive this gift more and more, and that state of being that you talk about exists inside of me most of the time. The shift from the old me to the new is so great. My connection to my being is so deep, yet my physical health has not changed.

John: That’s fine. You have the better part: living the gift. Take care of your body without distraction from living the gift. 

Q: You mean taking care of my body regardless of circumstances, even if I hadn’t received the gift?

John: Receiving the gift awakens you to a different level of your body. Living the gift means that you’re living from within that level of your body. 

Q: What does it mean to live from that other physical level?

John: Instead of receiving the gift and having the gift, you are living being the magicalness of the gift. 

From there, take care of the body that you are used to. The body you’re taking care of isn’t the same as the body you’re coming from. The care makes the difference. Trying to make your body better doesn’t make the difference. 

Your care of your body from within the magicalness of the gift is what you love, and it is what makes the difference. 

You’re going to die sometime. Live the gift until you die. Living the gift is your life until you die.  If you’re not living the gift, you’re filling your life with what is sort-of-dead until you die. 

After you have died, you will understand all of this perfectly. Until then, you know. 

Q: This experience of the being, the love, the great “thank you” in my heart that I feel … and the external reality … if they all bring about the magic in my life, does that mean that I’m living the gift?

John: When the gift in your living means more to you than living, you’re living the gift, and when you die, you will die how you’ve lived. 

It is all good. Believe it. Believe it because you already know.

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