Meeting the World Situation From Your Heart

WHEN: November 17, 2015 Afternoon Meeting

Q: I’ve been following all the world events, and I’m looking for some guidance on how to be with the chaos and violence. How is a good way for me – for all of us – to meet what is happening?

John: From your heart, without you taking to heart what you think and feel in your self about the world situation.

If you take to heart what you think and feel about the world situation you’ll have a mixed heart. What you most quietly know the truth of in your heart will be covered up by what you feel and think in your self about the situation. 

When you take seriously what you think and what you feel in your self about the situation, you become, in some way, the same as that situation. You’ll see within the situation because you think and you feel. Included in those thoughts and feelings is that which isn’t integrated in your self. You’ll have conditioned thinking and feeling. The conditioning of those thoughts and feelings doesn’t tell you the truth. It begins to make you the same as the situation. 

The only real way to address the situation is by first being in your heart. That cleans up your own thinking and your feeling, because while you’re coming from your heart you won’t be exploiting thought and feeling. You won’t be exploiting the situation, giving you a deep reason to think and to feel.

In coming from your heart, your thinking and feeling relaxes concerning the situation and you begin to think and to feel a little bit more clearly.

Q: So that’s the way to start having clear thoughts?

John: Yes.

Q: That’s beautiful, and it also makes me tremble a little.

John: It makes your self vulnerable. You experience the lack in your self and your self is subject to the surrounding situation, so when you simply go to your heart the vulnerability in your self will be even greater because of the situation. 

If you address the situation before you go to your heart, you won’t see clearly. You’ll see in a way that’s polarized. You’ll see through the relationship in your thinking and feeling between positives and negatives. 

Being in your heart alleviates you of that tension. That removes the tension from your thinking and your feeling, and instead of thinking and feeling in a way that’s polarized, you’ll think from within a most delicate, quiet clarity. There’s no story to that, and there’s no spin. 

You’ll come into the freshest space in your mind. You’ll have the clearest thinking that you’re capable of.

Q: I feel that’s opening up now. It’s connected to so much love for everything in the midst of the chaos in the world, so much vulnerable love. That’s probably also what I’ve been trying to grasp from this tense kind of thinking about the world situation. I tried to grasp this love.

Thank you.

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