Transcripts From Location: Israel

Meaning of Life

A Beingful Life Instead of a Meaningful Lifestyle

Q: I spend most of my days doing things I enjoy, but I’ve noticed since I’ve moved to New York, my stress levels are increasing and I feel very much caught up by life. I’m wondering if there’s a way that I can continue to be active all day and remain in my being and be able to expand within the activities, as opposed to meditating or do I need to sacrifice the lifestyle I lead and take a step back and just rest?

John: You don’t necessarily need to sacrifice that lifestyle, but you do need to change what that lifestyle means to you…

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Meaning of Life

The Tiny Little Bit of Truth in Your Heart

Q: Lately I’ve been confused about God. Is there only one God or several Gods?

John: Despite anything that you’ve learned, despite the conditioning of your upbringing and your experiences, despite any of your reading, despite any of your perceptions, despite anything that you can seem to hold or handle in your self, despite any mind of yours, you either know or you don’t. If you know, believe what you know, adding nothing to it. If you don’t know, then don’t believe anything…

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Feeling & Emotion

The Tiny Little Soft Spots in Your Heart

Q: I’m just beginning to realize how difficult and awful I behaved, but I remember you saying that with any self you can still live correctly. I see a possibility of living correctly; I’m not surrendering to that possibility. What can I do to follow what I know? What can I do better?

John: Identify delicacies of being, within.

Q: If I understand what you’re saying, they seem like little tiny bits of dust during the day…

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Pain & Suffering

Your Being Is Your Life

Q: You told me I must bring up touches of being to my eyes and to my face and I have experienced much pain and shock and memories of behavior towards others that’s really hard for me to carry. I started to bring up the memories in order to feel and get that face back, as a sort of technique. Is that a good way to get my true face back up?

John: It helps. But when you were really little, you didn’t have these memories to draw from…

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