Living The Truth Of What You Really Are

WHEN: June 15, 2016 Evening Open Mic

Q: I love this. I love the quiet. I love the deep. I feel sad that in my life I’ve looked so many places, gone to so many schools and never been told what I’m feeling here. My whole life I’ve been very focused on results. They seem to be an important way for me to evaluate or discern, but from what I’m hearing, there’s an inquiry inside where results don’t count. How can I practise that?

John: What you really are is depth and quality. It isn’t personal and it isn’t individual, so in what you really are there’s no sense at all of a “who.” When you’re being what you really are, there is no “who.”

Who you are doesn’t exist in what you really are. What you really are has no sense of individuality. It has no sense of what you have in your self and in your personality. The sense that you have in your self and in your personality isn’t integrated yet, so it misinforms you. It doesn’t tell you the truth.  

For you to know the truth, you need to really listen, so to speak, deeply, directly within, where thought and emotion, feeling and will have no existence. As soon as you don’t use what doesn’t help, you’re there.

What remains is beingness, and you being it. What you are then is depth and quality, such as deep-reaching openness that has no relationship to your self or your person – at least not yet – until you are unconditionally being the quality of that deep-reaching openness and softness in the midst of what self you have, in the midst of what personality you have: not for results, and not to change anything. You’re just being what you really are in the midst of who you are.

The “what” is perfect. The “who” is imperfect. The one doesn’t need to make the other better. But when you are being the “what” in the midst of the “who,” the “who” in time becomes just like the “what,” simply by virtue of you being it. 

Your self attunes to whatever it is that you’re being in it. That’s for better or for worse. If you’re being the beingness of your conditioning, your self will get worse. If you’re being any little touch of beingness that is the same as your own being, your self eventually becomes the same, and that’s without you working on your self.  

The change occurs because your self is then in perfect company.

Q:  Thank you.



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