Healing Inflamed Sensitivity: A Conscious Return To Your Heart

WHEN: May 31, 2015 Morning Open Mic

Q: When I was very young, I got lost on a crowded beach and was separated from my family. I remember feeling very frightened, alone and disconnected from other people. I realize that ever since that time I’ve continued to feel that way: frightened, alone and disconnected. I feel if I could connect with you it would help.

John: You have a delicate makeup, and when you became separated from your parents and you felt lost, you registered that separation through your sensitivity. That took you up further into your self, and it’s your heart that you were separate from. 

That experience created the pathway that as soon as something affects your self, you register it in your sensitivity. You follow the same path that you did the first time. You go up into your self and you separate from your heart.

The next time that this happens with you, realize your well-worn path in your self and, instead of holding to that pattern and that path, consciously be gentled and quieted in your heart, regardless of how you feel in your self.

This isn’t to change your experience. Being gentled and quieted in your heart changes you. There, you, awareness, are relaxed, at home in your heart. All of your sensitivity in your self is still there, but without you aggravating it. It will take some time for that sensitivity to heal. 

You can deal with anything in your self as long as you don’t separate from your heart. When you’re not in your heart, you’ll use your self to magnify your experience. Instead of listening to your sensitivity, love listening to your heart.

You have that sensitivity to read your environment, to attune to your environment, but you’ve been using it to read how you feel in your self. You take all your sensitivity back to your sensitivity. You don’t need your sensitivity for you to be in your heart.

Use your sensitivity in the way that you would use a tool, where it has an understood, practical use. Use it to read and see what’s taking place in your environment. When you make your sensitivity about your self, your sensitivity becomes inflamed. 

When you are in your heart, your sensitivity settles. You need to give it the space to settle. That means that you’re not using it; you’re not using it in your self or on your self.

Concerning your self, instead of using your sensitivity, use your heart in your self.  Apply being in your heart to the self that you’re in instead of applying your sensitivity, and you’ll be fine.

Q: Thank you.

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