Free Of Fear: Quietly Okay In The Midst Of Life

WHEN: May 30, 2019 Afternoon Meeting

Q: We’ve been talking a lot about fear, and you said it’s about separation inside. All my life I’ve felt separated from my self, that I should fit in and couldn’t be my self. I feared others, feared that I was not good enough and that I wouldn’t survive. I’ve felt sadness from the beginning. I’ve struggled a lot to find my self and really be me, but fear can still disturb me and take my energy. I want to be free of it and go deeper. 

John: Wherever you have hope or fear, you’re giving your power away. You’re giving your power away to your self instead of to what you really are. When you are being what you really are, you are happy without a reason.

What you are is rested okayness. In being what you really are, you are deeply okay despite your relationships, your circumstances, your self, your life.

Enjoy being that quiet okayness without that okayness coming from something: not from your self, not from others, not from your life – just you.

You are free to enjoy being that without results. Without results, without return, means that it really is you. It’s quiet, it’s subtle and it’s nurturing. All within, you don’t need anything else.

Q: I need to let go of my past but it comes up, takes my energy, and it’s a while before I can be present again.

John: You’re blaming what you are giving your power to. Your past and your patterns don’t take you away; you use them to get away.

When you are being what you really are, you are unconditioned intimacy that is just there. If you’re being that, it freely moves toward everything. 

Q: It’s good to hear. What can I do to keep my strength and use my power in the right way? 

John: Like relaxing in all of your weaknesses.

Your strengths don’t need you. Your weaknesses need you – just your presence in them; your quieted presence there in your weaknesses. 


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