Dark Energies And Your Untouchable Heart

WHEN: November 20, 2015 Afternoon Meeting

Q: I want to get clear about what seems like a demon that repeatedly comes in bringing pain, as if to say, “now you have to look at it.” Are there, perhaps, dark energies? How can I be with them?

John: Yes, there are dark energies and they can only work with you, influence and be a part of you when you‘re feeding your conditioning.

Q: So when I don’t feed them they have no entrance?

John: Yes.

Q: Is it the same when there are people with this energy around them?

John: Yes.

Q: How exactly can I not feed it?

John: First, by you not needing protection from it. The need of protection from it attracts it.

Q: When I am aware that it could be starting to come in, what should I do?

John: As soon as you see that it’s starting to come in, just sweetly humble your self. When you give the importance that you’ve invested in your self back to your heart, you’re sweetly humbling your self.

Q: So there’s no need for investigation or finding my self. I can humble my self without this.

John: Your self comes after your heart, but if you put your self before your heart, you fool your self, you blind your self, and you make your self vulnerable to every separate kind of beingness that you’re now being in it. 

You don’t need to find your self. Just find your heart. When you find your heart, all is good regardless of how bad everything might seem to be.

Q: But I fear presenting this darkness and danger with my vulnerable heart.

John: Present it.

Q: Really?

John: Dark energy can only have and commune with dark energy.

Q: So it’s really possible to do this with an innocent, vulnerable heart?

John: It’s untouchable.

Q: Okay. And what about the temptation to protect myself?

John: Let go of your dark energy. As soon as you’re tempted by anything, you’re being dark energy.

Q: Otherwise there would be no hook?

John: Yes. An open and a soft heart cannot be tempted. You can present it to any dark energy and it can’t be tempted. It can’t be corrupted. Temptation exists when you disagree with what you know in your heart.

Q: And if there’s a tiny step in the direction of temptation, it’s possible to let go of the dark energies and go back to the heart?

John: Yes.

Q: It’s really never too late, however complicated it seems?

John: That’s right. There’s only one “too late”: if you’re feeding your conditioning and you die.

Q: “Too late” because then there’s no body anymore?

John: Yes. The opportunity of being in a body is gone.

Q: The opportunity for what?

John: To be one with what you know in the midst of an environment that isn’t the same as what you know the truth of, and that isn’t the same as your own being.

Q: And not to be tempted and corruptible.

John: As soon as you’re tempted by anything, that’s wonderful. Right there, you know exactly what to let go of: to let go of what you’re holding on to and respond to your heart, respond into what you know in your heart and from there you respond right into your being.

Q: This is like fulfilling life.

John: Yes, deeply.

Q: Then it’s not to do with whether what’s happening is right or not.

John: Yes. If you are wrongfully thrown into prison and you’re upset with that, the dark energies are saying “the party’s over here!” until, in prison, you sweetly humble your self. There, you’re transferring the sense of entitlement that you have in your self to fair treatment straight to your heart, and your heart is entitled to have you.

Being wrongfully imprisoned doesn’t stop you from being in your heart and it doesn’t stop you from accessing and manifesting all of your being in that kind of environment. Then, while you’re wrongfully in prison you are so free. You’re free to be everything that you’re actually in a body for. Put a being in unfair or hostile treatment and that being thrives.  

A being flourishes as well in the best or worst environment. It doesn’t have a preference. An unintegrated self relates to preference. An integrated self relates in the same way that a being relates.

Q: It sounds so simple! Can we be aware of this all the time?

John: If you are, as awareness, honest to the core – yes. If you’re more honest to your self than to your person, more honest to your heart than to your self, and more honest to what you know in your heart than your own heart, that puts you right into your being. Honesty to your being fulfills your heart, your self and your person.

Q: So it’s good to stay connected to the clear frequency of my being all the time as I move through the world, and to respond instantly.

John: Yes.

Q: What happens if I die in this clear state?

John: The next for you will have a larger spectrum.

If you live for your self instead of for what you know in your heart, then in the next you will be perfect love in a smaller spectrum. It doesn’t matter what you’re being in this life – one with what you know or separate from what you know. After you’ve died you will be perfect love. The difference won’t show in the love you are. The difference will show in the spectrum of being that you’re in. 

What it makes a real difference in, after you’ve died, is your mobility, not the love that you really are. That won’t have a limit to it, but there will be a limit to your mobility.

Q: But then I’ll have no body.

John: Yes, you’ll have a body. You’ll have all of the levels of your own being. You’ll have a multi-level body that’s limited in its mobility, or open in its mobility. But either way, it’s a body of love. It’s like the difference between a tiny little cup, full, and an enormous container, full. Whatever you’re being in this life determines your next. Not your next life, but your next.

Q: So suicide or giving up because it seems too dark and complicated isn’t a solution because of how it determines what’s next. Is that right?

John: Yes. But you can’t judge that by what it looks like. It’s all determined by your relationship, as awareness, to what you know the truth of.

There’s only one real way for anyone, and that’s full response to the truth within, regardless of what self you have, what past you have and what circumstances you’re in.

Q: And you can’t judge anyone, because human beings come with different packages and possibilities.

John: Yes. It isn’t possible to be a disadvantaged awareness. You have no advantages or disadvantages. What you have is your response to what you know. That’s what evolves you.

Q: So always be in response to this connection. I see. Thank you.

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