Changing Your Eating Habits: A New Relationship To Food

WHEN: April 4, 2019 Evening Open Mic

Q: I have issues with my weight and my body. It seems like there’s a program that says when I wake in the morning “wow, you ate a lot yesterday” or things like that. I see it and I do nothing, but what I want to know is why is it still an issue?

John: Does the feedback of your body to you point to your relationship, in your body, in your self, to food? If it does, then you can come back into alignment in your relationship to food by letting it be reduced to having to do with you sustaining your body, so that your relationship with food isn’t to do with your self. It really is just to do with your body.

So you’re bringing your whole relationship to food right down to it being in service to your body. You are eating for your body instead of eating for your self. You eat to give nurture to your body and leave out eating to give nurture to your self.

That brings you back into a deeper inner balance in your whole relationship to food.

Q: It sounds easy, but when I do it I don’t see that – I see it later. What could help me to remember it when I am eating?

John: If you’re that forgetful around food it means that your relationship to food is all about your self. That’s a cue for you, so then shift your whole relationship to food to being, away from your self.

Your whole relationship to food is all about what you really are. It’s what you really are giving food to your body, instead of you, awareness, being your self in your relationship to food, and using food to feed your self regardless of what that does to your body.

Like using eating-time for you to be what you really are, so eating-time is not about feeding your self. It is all about you being what you really are, which changes your relationship to food. In being what you really are around the food, you’ll choose what food you feed your body for the sake of your body, which has nothing to do with your self. 

You won’t eat for pleasure. You won’t eat for enjoyment. You won’t eat to nurture a feeling in your self. You won’t eat for emotional reasons. You’re being what you really are, and you’re feeding your body for the sake of your body.

So there’s just what you really are, food, and your body. You’re leaving your self out of all of that, so when you eat, that really helps you to be what you really are.

Eating-time is your conscious being-time.

Q: It feels good, this solution. It feels good inside of me.

John: Your body is in a habit of what food you give it, and your self is in a habit of why you eat. So this feels good now: it won’t feel as good in your eating-time. But if you’re deeply clear that eating-time is all about you being what you really are – that it is being-time – you’ll come to love that, regardless of what it feels like. 

You’ll realize, during your eating-time, that this is so good, regardless of what it feels like. You’ll love how good it is.

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