Awakening And Responding To The Calling

WHEN: August 27, 2002 Afternoon Meeting

Q: I’ve had a few little glimpses of awakening in my life, and have an incredible fear that if I go there, I’m not coming back. Is that true?

John: When you awaken, the self doesn’t disappear. What doesn’t come back is what the self was. 

Q: Does everyone have the chance to awaken in this lifetime? Does some huge event have to happen or can you just flow into it? For the last couple of years I’ve been waiting for some kind of cosmic thing to happen. But while I was sitting here five minutes ago, I suddenly felt myself drifting into something incredibly joyous and blissful, and I didn’t try to get there. 

John: It is more like you cannot actually get away from there. It keeps calling you. The more quieted you are, the greater the resonance of the calling: you knowing more than what you are being, and that if you would be what you know, there would be much, much more. 

Q: I feel as if I’d see this whole world waiting – a whole amazing place that I can be – and I feel what stops me is lack of courage. I seem to be waiting for courage to come from somewhere to go to that place, yet probably what is real is just to let go into it.

John: It doesn’t require any courage. It doesn’t require you identifying what you regard as being your strength. It requires you identifying with what is actually your weakest weakness, but that would make you entirely vulnerable to love. 

Your weakest weakness is that tenderness always convinces your heart. Tenderness is the way into what you think you are afraid of. The tenderness that it is, is the surety within you that you can trust it. 

Then it is no longer some great cosmic event, but just you completely believing what you always really knew was true. 

Q: Thank you. I’m clear about what you’ve been saying, and I feel my heart has opened. 

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