About John de Ruiter

Meetings with John are a unique opportunity to dive into unseen realms of the heart, insights that unfold with our lightest touch, streams of consciousness that change our very cells. Through dialogue and silent connection, meetings unveil the universe within, but John’s teaching comes back to one thing: the heart, flowering with love. Bring big questions and your most quiet sense of the answer, and let John’s words and presence bring it to light.  

John is a speaker of wisdom, whose presence offers a portal into the eternal. Ever since a cosmic awakening flooded him in his teens, John has devoted his life to bringing higher wisdom into human experience. John holds regular meetings in Edmonton, Canada, and travels the world to speak about truth.

It’s important to note that John de Ruiter’s teachings are not a substitute for medical or psychological professionals. The meaning in John’s words and presence is for each person to know and act on according to his or her own discernment.

John opened The College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton to facilitate weekly meetings, seminars, and special events. The purpose of The College is to make John and his teachings available, furthering the evolution of human consciousness. The environment reflects the delicateness, simplicity, and depth of John’s teaching.

Aside from four meetings per week, regular events abroad, and four major seminars in Edmonton, John attends parties, dinners and sits with people in the Jewel Cafe, which is open for tea, coffee and dining before meetings. In every setting, John connects with others to encourage all levels of development. He speaks to profound levels in others and also supports people in the personal and practical dimensions of their lives.