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If truth is your longing, there is no one with a way of teaching quite like John de Ruiter. John de Ruiter is a philosopher and teacher who reaches peoples’ hearts through his presence and words. John challenges common ideas about enlightenment and spirituality. “Core-splitting honesty” is a key phrase in John’s teachings. Let it bring meaning in your life by you actually being it, he says, instead of looking for it. John de Ruiter is a living doorway to the deeper meaning we all inherently love in our lives.

The purpose of this site is to offer transcripts of talks from a true master of our time. These transcripts are taken from recent meetings in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Israel, and The Netherlands. John speaks about all manner of topics that relate to human consciousness and evolution, including the meaning of life, the heart, relationships, parenting, and being a true whole person. This is a small sample of his teaching. To really know what John has to offer, experience him for yourself and go to a meeting. No meeting of John’s is ever the same as another.

The transcripts offered on this site are arranged into categories including awareness and awakening, relationships, parenting, feelings and emotions, pain and suffering, death and illness, and sexuality and the being.

John de Ruiter is a prolific teacher, with hundreds of dialogues available on the  John de Ruiter Podcast on iTunes,  the John de Ruiter YouTube channel, the John de Ruiter website. Want to know more about John? Check out the John de Ruiter Wikipedia page, the John de Ruiter Biography,  the John de Ruiter FAQ, and a growing collection of essays and commentary on nicolasderuiter.com. Of course, you can also follow John’s teachings on the John de Ruiter Facebook and John de Ruiter Twitter pages.

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This blog is maintained and contributed to by a Team of transcribers at the College of Integrated Philosophy.


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